Bennett Graham creates unique sculptural jewelry using 3D printing technology.

Meet the artist Who is Bennett Graham?

The 3D printing process

3D printing is relatively new to the ancient art of jewelry making.

Bennett Graham creates all of his forms first digitally on a computer. "It's almost like I'm coding the DNA of a child; then the printer in New York gives birth and life to that child and it now exists in the world as a wearable, touchable object. I'm very passionate about and proud of these 'children' and love to see others wear and enjoy the pieces. It brings another layer of life to them!"

Artist's Inspiration

I made my first ring at age ten. I wound a strip of soft solder from dad's workshop around a dowel and twisted it and melted the ends.

I've been seriously designing jewelry sculpture for about 30 years. Early on I coined the term "Urban Techno-Primitive" to describe my style and that still accurately describes my work.